MEA Attestation

MEA Attestation is the process of legalizing Indian issued personal, educational, and commercial documents for immigration purposes. The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the government agency responsible for the conduct of foreign relations of India.

The Ministry provides two types of certificate attestation. They are MEA attestation and MEA Apostille attestation.

MEA attestation: It is for legalizing educational documents (degree certificates, HSC certificate, etc.), personal documents (marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate, etc.), and commercial documents for immigrating to Non-Hague Convention member countries.

MEA Apostille: It is the process of legalizing educational and personal documents with an apostille stamp for immigrating to Hague Convention member countries.

MEA Attestation Procedure

The main procedure for the Ministry of External Affairs Attestation procedure is as follows:

State Attestation: The document attestation from the document issuing state is necessary for getting MEA attestation. Based on the document type, there are 3 types of state document attestation process. They are HRD attestation (educational documents), Notary/Home attestation (personal documents), and Chamber of Commerce attestation (commercial documents).

MEA attestation: Following the certificate attestation from the concerned state or the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) attestation, the document is attested from the Ministry of External Affairs.

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