Frequently Asked Questions

Find out some of the frequently asked queries by customers about our services.queries by customers about our services

1.  What should I do in case of Loss of Original Education Certificates?

You need to go to the University /College and submit a Lost Certificate Application. First you need to go to the territorial police station from where it was lost and lodge one FIR (First Information Report). Get a copy of the FIR after signing by the Duty Officer and IPC no.(Indian Penal code) on it. Use this copy for applying for duplicate certificates. Repeated follow up is required.

2.  How can I attest my documents ?

For document attestation, you can approach the respective state authorities. For educational documents, the attestation are done by the State HRDs. Personal documents and commercial documents are attested by Home Department and Chamber of Commerce respectively. Urogulf can help you with the entire document attestation process.

3.  How does certificate verification in canada ?

An Educational credential assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one. There are different types of ECAs. You need to get an ECA for immigration purposes.

4.  How long does WES evaluation take ?

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes about thirty-five (35) business days after we receive, review, and accept all required documents and fees.

5.  Why do I have to start my application with NNAS ?

All nursing regulatory bodies in Canada (except Quebec) require new applications for registration from IENs to go through NNAS. Applying through NNAS ensures a consistent approach to collecting, verifying and storing documents that all nursing regulatory bodies in Canada require. Your educational credentials will be assessed using standardized tools that all participating regulatory bodies endorse.

6.  How long is PCC valid for ?

A PCC is valid indefinitely if you haven't visited that country after obtaining said document. For your current country of residence, CIC considers PCC valid for 6 months from date of issue.

7.  Is ICAS better than Wes ?

ICAS is the only institute in canada who are evaluating sikkim manipal university degrees. WES , IQAS, BCIT, University of Toronto are currently not continuing the SMU degree evaluation any more. ICAS is very slow and takes min.

8.  Is ICAS valid for express entry ?

Yes. ICAS is one of the organizations designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide Assessment Reports for immigration purposes. ... For more information about Express Entry or other immigration programs, please visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's website.


MOFA attestation is the final process involved in the certificate attestation procedure. It is done after completing the HRD, MEA and Embassy attestation. MOFA attestation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once you reach the destination country. The work permit is issued only after the MOFA attestation.

10.  What are the procedures of Certificate attestation ?

The main procedure of certificate attestation includes HRD attestation, Home attestation, Chamber of Commerce attestation, MEA attestation and Embassy attestation. HRD attestation is done for educational documents, Home attestation is done for personal documents while Chamber of commerce attestation is done for Commercial documents.