Certificate Verification

Certificate verification is the process of verifying the certificate issued by a university and ensuring that it is original and genuine. The certificates are verified from the university or an educational institution where one has completed their education. To authenticate your educational documents for the purpose of going abroad, it is necessary to do certificate verification.

certificate verification
Purpose of Certificate Verification

In recent times, a lot of scams has surfaced where people use fake certificates and documents for getting a job or admission abroad. To reduce the issuance of fake educational documents, it has now become mandatory to get your educational certificates verified by the university where it was issued.

A verified educational certificate ensures that the applicant has indeed completed his or her education from the mentioned university. The main purpose of certificate verification is

  • To verify and authenticate your educational documents
  • For Doing WES Canada, NNAS, ICAS processes
  • For doing State attestation processes
  • To reduce the issuance of fake documents

How Urogulf Can Help you in Certificate Verification

Urogulf is one of the best attestation service company in India that provides you with certificate verification services from recognized universities across the country. We are an ISO certified attestation company approved by ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We are the largest attestation company with more than a hundred offices in India and abroad. Established in 2004, we provide certificate attestation, authentication and verification services.

Urogulf can help and assist you in completing the certificate verification process for students and professionals who seek better education and career prospects in foreign countries. We ensure the safety of your documents and complete the certificate verification process on time.

Promise on Quality and Reliability

We have over 15 years of experience and credibility in the field of document attestation services. The trust, and reliability that our customers has in us made us a trustworthy companion for them throughout these years. Our motto is a quick, hassle-free and secure document attestation services to all our customers who approach us