Certificate Attestation

Certificate attestation is compulsory when you move to another country for various purposes like higher studies, employment, etc. You are required to attest your educational and non-educational documents to prove its legitimacy.Certificate attestation process is the act of formally certifying the documents to prove the authenticity. It is mainly done for educational documents, marriage certificate, birth-certificate-attestation, and for commercial documents.


Certificate attestation is mandatory requirement for migrating to UAE and other countries for employment or for the purpose of higher studies. You need to produce the certificates in foreign countries for the purpose of verification. These documents are verified to check its authenticity. For that purpose, you need to attest these documents from the embassy of the migrating country in your home country.

Attested documents can prove the authenticity of your documents. In case of educational documents, you have to certify the certificates from the HRD department of the state where you completed your education. Such an HRD attested document proves that the certificate was issued by the state where you completed the education. Document attestation is required when you apply for higher studies in foreign universities. It is also required for finding a job in a foreign country.Certificate attestation is needed for:

  • Migrating to another country.
  • Higher studies in foreign universities and schools.
  • Starting a new business abroad.
  • Opening a new branch abroad.
  • Employment purpose.
  • Family/residence visa.

Certificate Attestation Procedure In CANADA

Certificate Attestation Services by Urogulf

Urogulf Global Services is an ISO certified attestation company approved by Ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We are the largest certificate attestation service provider in the world with more than one hundred offices across India and abroad. Established in 2004, we provide document attestation, authentication and verification services.

Urogulf offers certificate attestation services all over India, UAE and abroad. We provide certificate attestation for all types of documents. We can complete urgent certificate attestation based on your requirement. Our expert service agents provide you with insights about document attestation process. Urogulf offers attestation for all types of personal, educational and commercial documents. The certificate attestation charges for these attestation services are low.

B.Tech Certificate Attestation

Any B.tech holder who wish to work or go abroad for higher studies has to get their B.tech degree certificate attested from the concerned departments after

M.Tech Certificate Attestation

For getting work permits and admission in universities abroad, M.Tech certificate holders have to make sure that their degree certificates are attested for verification purpose

Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth certificate attestation is necessary to prove the authenticity of the documents abroad and it has to be attested from the country where one was born

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is required to take your spouse abroad. It is a mandatory requirement for getting family visa

PCC Certificate Attestation

PCC or Police Clearance Certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement for jobs abroad and for certain jobs within the g ccountry

BE Certificate Attestation

For getting job or higher studies abroad, engineering degree holders has to get their BE certificate attested from concerned

CBSE Certificate Attestation

CBSE certificate attestation is the process of attesting the CBSE certificate for further studies or employment opportunities abroad or within the country

10th Certificate Attestation

For getting employment and higher studies opportunities abroad and in certain cases, within the country, you need to attest your tenth certificate

BSc Nursing Certificate Attestation

Bsc Nursing certificate attestation is required to prove the credentials of a licensed nurse for getting better employment opportunities